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These pages are no longer part of my current site, but I will leave them up just incase someone is interested.

Class of 81

Elementary Photo's

School Photo 1970
Grade K & 1 1967
Grade 1 1970/71
Grade 1 1971/72

Staff 1969/70
Staff 1970/71

Shoal Hr.
Grade 1 1969/70

Horwood High

Robert James Horwood
Class of 1969
Glee Club 58-59
Staff 1964


Glee Club, 1958-59
Regional High School, Clarenville, NL

Members of Glee Club, 1958-59
Regional High School, Clarenville, NL

1st Row: Dianna Knee, Patsy Drover, Marjorie Seaward, Sylvia Sparkes, Janice Bourne, Rita Easton, Corrinne Morrow, Margaret Currie, Lorraine Vardy, Lily Lowe, Ethel Legge, Patsy Tilley, Brenda Webber, Kay King, Yvonne Butt, Olive Churchill, Lily Stanley, Roberta Horwood, Susanna Singleton, Jean Trask, Mervie Stanley, Ruby Trask, Mabel Bowering, Maxine Drodge, Geneva Bailey.

2nd Row: Lorna Dean, Marilyn Ploughman, Doreen Lethbridge, Deena Balsom, Marie Stone, Sharon King, Glenn Stanley, Pauline Webber, Violet Baker.

3rd Row: Guy Sawyer, Wilson Wiseman, Edmund Thistle, Leonard Singleton, Derrick Strong, William Meadus.


Photograph: Courtesy Geneva Cholock



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