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Comments by jamie strong on December 26, 2007

i would love to see more pictures of georges brook and area, keep the pics coming,good job so far.
london ontario
Comments by brenda humby on November 28, 2007

great website.Itis good to see old classmates again. Too bad I couldn"t make it to the reunion,it was the same date Iwas going to tennesse to see my daughter and her family.Maybe next time.
Comments by Brenda Strong on November 21, 2007

I am responding to something Cindy Beck wrote on nov 4, 2007. Cindy is looking for information on her grandparents Ronald and Violet Strong. My name is Brenda and i can help you beacause they are my grandparents as well.
Comments by Cindy Beck on November 4, 2007

I am looking for any information someone can give me on my grandmother and grandfather. There names were Ronald Strong and Violet (Danpierre) Strong. The only two children I know of are Ramona and Gilbert Strong. Apparently my grandfather died in 1942 and my grandmother in 1996. I am looking for their birth and death certificates. Thank you
89 Jonas St
Comments by Rikee Drover on October 20, 2007

Hi my name is Rikee Drover daughter of the late Vera Langer. I remember spending ever summer with my very loving grandparents Pearl & Edward Langer in Clarenvile, boy did I love that place. Seeing this sight brings back alot of good memories, Thank you and keep up the great work.

Comments by Marie Seaward on August 21, 2007

Hi great website. I am actually doing my family tree and I am trying to track My history. If any one has any information about the seaward settlers in Clarenville that would help greatly. Thank you
Calgary Ab
Comments by David Greening on August 21, 2007

I found your website some time ago and have been a regular visitor. I would like to locate an old friend of my by the name of Aubry Garnier, brother of Byford Garnier, who lived in Shoal Harbour.
If anyone can help me out please email me at
Will be on the 2008 cruise with wife Dianne (nee Strong)
Morenville, Alberta
Comments by Betty Brake(Strong) on August 2, 2007

Love the site It is so good to see so many names I remember It brings back many good memories
Edmonton Alberta
Comments by Shawn Moores on June 29, 2007

Hey Kevin,
Not sure if you remember but My first mini-bike was bought from you, a kawasaki 75, banana seat,3 gears, and the banana seat, orange,,.....What a bike!!
Anyway great Website! keep it up...!

Admin Note: I sure do remember that bike, Kevin..........
Hammonds Plains, NS
Comments by Verlie Adams(Penney) on June 20, 2007

Hi i just found your site it's great.I'm from Milton just outside of Clarenville.Would love to chat with old friends.
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