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Comments by Marina Butler on May 3, 2008

I have only read page #1, I am planning a trip to newfoundland this summer hopefully I will get to newfoundland my maiden name is martin my grandmothers name is Lucymae Lambert and my other grandmother was a Phoebe Cooper from Hatchets Cove and Hillview very near hamlets to Clarenville. I have very little knowledge info of my family and oh yes Alfred John Vey and wife with daughter Anneta raised my dad. Any one knowing info re these name I would be so interested photos would be a plus
Thanks Marina
Comments by Brian Reid on April 18, 2008

I was just searching the web for something and came across the site on Clarenville and the area. I attended Clarenville Elementary, then Balbo Elementary in Shoal Harbour and Clarenville High and left Jan. 1982. I have been back a few times to visit my parents. It is nice to see people to take the time and put in the work to build such a site. Unfortunately, I have lost touch with everyone from them time. Feel free to write or goto
Very nice job.
Mississauga, Ontario
Comments by Sean McDermott on April 16, 2008

I stumbled upon this site and have spent the last hour browsing and recalling with great fondness the time I spent in Clarenville and Shoal Harbour 1972 to 1974.Great memories of wonderful people.
55 Shantalla Road, Dub.9 Irl.
Comments by Kathleen Faulkenham on April 1, 2008

What awesome photos!
Laval, Qc
Comments by Lori and Jason Brinson on March 8, 2008

Great pics! We are planning on moving to Clarenville this year and is in the process of looking for a home contractor. If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. We are not from the area and hoping to start construction in early June so the house could be ready before school opens. (2 kids 11 and 8) We have heard only good things about your town and are very excited about becoming a part of your great community! Our e-mail address is if anyone has anyone to reccomend! Lori, Jason, Tyler and Grace Brinson
Fort McMurray, Ab
Comments by Samantha Piercey on February 29, 2008

i think that this is a great site for everybody it gets the new generation to see what clarenville use to be like and bring back memories for the old generation ... im looking for some pictures of my grandmother or grandfather im not really to sure whether or not they even went to school back in their time and if they did it probably wasnt for long but their names are ERNEST PIERCEY and EFFIE LAMBERT/AVERY/PIERCEY my granparents mean alot to me and it mean even more if i could make a album out of some "oldies" pictures im also looking for pictures of my mother SHARON PIERCEY so please email them to me if anybody finds any it would be greatly appreciated!!
email -->
please put subject as OLDIES thank you sooo much!
Comments by cindy torraville on February 24, 2008

Even tho I no longer live in nfld. my heart will always belong there.
Comments by Tammy Pitcher on February 21, 2008

I stumbled upon this site and I just love it, I keep coming back. Keep up the great job.
Comments by David Greening on January 7, 2008

Keep coming back to site to see who has signed up for Reunion Cruise. Can you tell me if and when list will be updated.
Looking forward to April.
David Greening

Admin Note: David I will contact the reunion committe
Morinville, Alberta
Comments by Vivian Fullbrook (Strong) on January 5, 2008

Great site to browse and hear from old friends just arrived from holidays from clarenville, nfld had a wonderful time and enjoys returning home hope to see everyone on the cruise for the reunion
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