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Comments by Alf (Alfie) Greening on February 21, 2006

My daughter directed me to this site. Great job, the pictures bring back many memories. Keep up the good work.
New Westminster, BC
Comments by diane laurin ( nee Pelley) on February 16, 2006

im the daughter of wilson pelley my sister still lives in clarenville she a barrett. You site is fantastic ty for sharing
53 linnwood ave cambridge, on
Comments by Glenis Vardy (Nee Seward) on February 4, 2006

Hi kevin;
I discovered your site when I was checking on some info for Clarenville. I graduated from Horwood High in 1972, was born on Randon Island, Hickman's Hr.
I moved to Ontario in 1977 and really miss the ROCK!!! My family and I were there last September and it's was great to be back, if only for a short time.
All the best to everyone with the 2006 reunion.
Keep up the good work.
I'll be back
Kincardine, Ontario
Comments by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe on January 26, 2006

Kevin, I discovered the site you have added re: 1st Comm.Construction Squadron in NL-1952-1954. What a wonderful discovery. I now can see in photos the things my husband tells me about how things were with the railway being a major player in this area. I signed his guestbook on his special site and cannot express how enthused I am about finding it, and I know my husband will be absolutely delighted. What a marvelous find, what a true jewel to have access to through this site.
I am so excited I hardly can wait to show it to my husband.
Wonderful indeed. So many things that I can now see that have been told to me by people in this area and I will be sure to pass the link on to people I know that will love it.
Great job!

Comments by Norm Strickland on January 21, 2006

Great site, with stories by Bonnie Lowe it has to be heart touching and very informative.
Comments by Marv on January 18, 2006

Another wonderful and staight from the heart story from a skilled writer who has a way with words. We are slowly losing the old artisans of yesterday who created masterpieces not often appreciated today. As a former woodworker I have a real appreciation for this man's dedication to does his daughter in law.
Comments by juanita turrett on January 18, 2006

as always bonnie your stories are so uplifting and unique.what a beautiful wood table. i too love the smell of wood . and this is such a beautiful peice of art work. keep up the good work lol juanita
waterl;oo ont
Comments by Mark Lowe on January 18, 2006

As always,Bonnie Jarvis Lowe's stories are great.Most of them always bring back special memories to remind me of my child-hood days of growing up in rural newfoundland,on the Great Northern Peninsula.One day soon,[God willing],I will surely visit the "B-36" site.That story touched me deeply,and I felt like I was there on the crash area while I was reading Bonnie's story.Keep up the great work Bonnie.This is a most interesting site....
Port Saunders,NL
Comments by Nikki Petipas on January 18, 2006

As always I have enjoyed and been touched by Bonnie Lowe's story. Her tales are endless and I am most enlightened when I read them. She have a special gift and I hope she continues to share with all of us.
Nikki Petipas

Comments by Heather (Lowe) Glavine on January 18, 2006

Loved the story of my Poppy Lowe and his precious wood working skills. And you're right.....I'm reminded of Poppy when i smell the scent of unique wood. And remember the glue he "invented" that was indestructable? We will never know the cocktale for that....and the funny little red sled that we think he made to tow canned goods home from the store. Its all such a mystery! Poppy where ever you are I'm sure its with Nanny and I hope those that you left behind have made you as proud as you have made us.
As for you Mom- thanks for making me snot ans bawl before work.
Heather Glavine
Calgary, AB
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