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Comments by Jessica Seward on September 26, 2008

Hi there,
I'm trying to track down some photographs of Balsom's Point before my great-grandpa's house was torn down. I'm doing a painting for my mother and I need some images of their old home. If anyone has any, it would be greatly appreciated :) Thanks
Calgary, AB
Comments by Heather Rose Russell on July 30, 2008

I would like to thank the members of the Clarenville Heritage Society for the photos and for restoring Diesel Locomotive 900 to its original paint scheme of dark green with yellow chevron. Looks lovely!
182 Topsail Road, St. John's
Comments by Mary Lou on July 29, 2008

Getting my daughter to check out this website, she will be visiting Clarenville from Jan to March 2009 in an exchange program. It looks soo beautiful. Great website. Mary Lou
Merrickville, Ontario
Comments by sonia hann on July 13, 2008

i think this is a great sight.its nice to see some familiar names.i would like to get in touch with some of the people i graduated email is to u soon!!
Comments by Gerry Mills on June 14, 2008

I would like to get in touch with Paula from Cambridge, Mass who wrote in on October 22, 2005. I'm sure Neal is my cousin. My mother ..... Neal's aunt's name was Caroline B. Mills from Clarenville, Newfouldland. And I do remember a family member named Cassie. Gerry Mills
Burlington, Mass.
Comments by Dawn on June 4, 2008

I had the great opportunity to be part of an Air Cadet Exchange in 1987 in Clarenville. The wonderful time we all had there leaves us with memories to carry with us forever. The Cadets from Clarenville came to Pembroke, ON on a week long visit and we made great friends. I fell in love with Newfoundland so much I bought my retirement property down in Grand Bank and can't wait to visit Clarenville.
If anyone reading this was a part of that exchange please contact me at
Thank you Newfoundland you are one amazing place
Fauquier ON
Comments by Chelsea Mayne (March) on May 22, 2008

I miss Clarenville so much. Im coming down again this summer. Cant wait to see everyone!
Dartmouth Nova Scotia
Comments by David Greening on May 21, 2008

Just wanted to let you know that the Reunion Cruise was a great success and it was wonderful to see old friends again.
Would like to send you some photos if you let me know where to send them.
Dave Greening
Morinville, Alberta
Comments by Heather Rose Russell on May 16, 2008

I loved the photos and the stories of the Clarenville Rail Yard and the Bonavista Branch Railway Line. I have always been a train lover, and when younger and growing up in Bonavista, one of the highlights of my summer was to take a train ride on the Bonavista Branch train, either all the way to Clarenville or to some point in between such as Princeton. I just loved it and I wish we could have our train back. My mother remembers, in the 1950s, being in St. John's for summer vacation, taking the train out to Clarenville, and then getting in Fred Tilley's taxi at Clarenville station for a bumpy ride down the original Cabot Highway (that's when the road went out through Winterbrook and Sweet Bay and across that wooden bridge called "The Rattles.") She also remembers when one had to put one's car on a flat bed to go from Clarenville to Gander. Oh, the good, good, good old days of yore.
St. John's
Comments by Stephen Foster on May 6, 2008

This is a great site! I think you may have gone to school with my brother, Shaun. We lived in Clarenville from 1967 until 1978, when we moved back to England. I have been back once, a few years ago. I brought my wife, Julie, over to see what an amazing place Newfoundland is. We met up with my good friends Rex Decker and family, Heather (nee Rodway) and Sandy Clarke, Norman and Flo Higdon and Norman Higdon junior and family in St Johns. I never stop thinking about Newfoundland and all the good times I had there growing up - and I miss all the people I knew too. Thanks to your efforts, though, at least it is possible to keep some contact.

Admin Note: Thank you so much. Stephen is it possible to have Shaun email me?
Leicester, UK
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