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Comments by clara abbott on April 22, 2006

hi,clarenville is a nice place to visit in the summer i have been in clarenville before the pictuers are nice i would like to see moreof all around clarenville also the salvation army officers andthecorp over 60 club sunday school the sa band home league say hello to ida tilley for me ilike to see her,
5 centennial avenue,grand fall
Comments by Nicole Ley on April 18, 2006

My Grandparents, Lloyd A. Adams and Dorothy R. Adams(Sheppard), are from Milton and Champney's East. I love looking at the photos of where my Grandparents grew up. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful site.
Coldwater, ON
Comments by michelle hunt on April 12, 2006

I live in clarenville and i think it is a great place.I love the sites and history, and the people who live in clarenville are very pleasant.I think clarenville is a great place to raise kids as well.
Comments by Karl Purchase on April 6, 2006

Wow!!! I have been a fan of the Newfoundland Railway all my life, and model the Humbermouth area circa 1958 with many kit-bashed and scratchbuilt locomotives and rolling stock including G-8's and NF 110's and 210's. These photos blew me away. The tank cars with USAF markings, the water chute at the engine service area, all fantastic stuff. My brother has a cottage at Port Blandford, and i love that part of Newfoundland. I'm originally from Corner Brook.
Do you know there was a natural brook fed water chute at Chute Brook, about 2 miles east of Port Blandford?
Winnipeg, MB
Comments by Nicole Bailey on April 6, 2006

great site!!
I am From georges brook it feels good to come online and look at pic's of clarenville it would be nice to see some surrounding area pic's

Comments by Nadine Chaulk on April 5, 2006

Great Job! Whatta Site.....
I'm actually from Georges brook, which is just outside of Clarenville, I have been away for about 6 years.....This site really made me home sick, but then again there is nothin like home...
Keep Up The Great Work....
Richmond Hill, On
Comments by Chris Evans on March 30, 2006

What a great website. I lived in Clarenville from 1969-1976 witha 1 year stint in Shoal Harbour. My family moved to Whitehorse after C'ville and I have only been back twice. I've seen very few of my old friends and would love to hear from them. The photos are great...I can even see our old house! Keep up the good work.
Comments by Brian Hobbs on March 29, 2006

nice site,loved it
Comments by basil williams on March 22, 2006

I am enquiring if you have any info on the brigandine MARY. captained by Mr. E Rorke around 1870/1880 period. Much appreciated, Basil Williams.
1420 tiny beaches rd north
Comments by Ron Lowe on March 19, 2006

I am very interested in finding any photos that may be availible of any one of the 10 "Splinter Fleet" or "Claringville Boats" built in Clarinville during the 1940's, My stepfather was a sailor on the Placentia and Twillingate and is interested in having a photo of one of theses ships.
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