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Comments by Bill Bailey on February 11, 2010

Read about the various brick plants. My father worked at the Pelley Plant in Milton for over 46 years. I know it quite well. I've worked there on summer hollidays when I was practically a kid !!

Admin Note: Bill if you have any photos of the Plant or inside the plant I would love to have a few to include on the website.
Thanks Kevin...
12 Aspen Lane, Clarenville
Comments by Jim Blackwood on January 31, 2010

Hi Kevin
Was over to Clarenville last Labor Day Weekend for 6 days and had a bit of a reunion with my old RCMP pals from days gone by. Had a great time at the campground in Thorburn Lake area. I got to see the old RCMP detachment which is now an apartment building. I keep checking in from time to time to see whats new. Great site.
Jim Blackwood
Churchville, NS
Comments by Lesley Forster on January 14, 2010

I well remember the laying of the first transatlantic cable back in 1956 from Clarenville to Oban, Scotland. My uncle, Clifford Duncan, from AT&T in New York was very involved with this wonderful event. My family and I were in Scotland when it was all happening. I plan to write a story about it. If anyone has any photos or memories of that time, please email me.
North Rocks, Sydney, Australia
Comments by colin john edwards on December 1, 2009

I have written an historical novel based loosely on members of the Tilly family in 1625. 'Words Apart' ISBN 9780956154903, available from I am now researching book 2 based on the same family in 1714. Does anyone know anything about this family in that period? I would also like to know about stone quarrying, timber felling or salmon fishing in the Clarenville area in 1700-1800. Many thanks.
21 Haysoms Drive
Comments by Leslie Zimmerman (aka Dorken) on November 23, 2009

Browsing through and saw this site. Surprised to see my grade one photo on line! I have not been back to this area since my dad was transferred out (many moons ago). Kinda cool to see!
Slave Lake, Alberta
Comments by Monique Nahanni on November 8, 2009

Mr.Wallace, if you would like to have more information on the person that saved your life, please email me.
5405-49th street Yellowknife,
Comments by david w pittman on October 26, 2009

HI: Iam the son of John Pittman(1914-2005) is farher was Benjamin pittman (1872-1920)This is my frist time on your website,my dad use to talk a lot about the brick yard and the saw mill. I have a pittman brick with the two t's on it. it is nice to read about past and what my dad use to talk about al2642l the time. thank you david w pittman
13018 blue squirrel hudson fl.
Comments by liz vavasour on October 11, 2009

Here is my e-mail for my posting from September regarding info on my grandmother Caroline Strong.
pickering ontario
Comments by Dianne Drodge/Lockyer on September 28, 2009

Kevin what an amazing job you have done. I am so impressed. You have done a fabulous job, and you make us all proud.
Comments by liz Vavasour on September 9, 2009

I am looking for information on my Grandmother. Her name was Caroline Strong from Clarenville. Her sister is Sarah Balsom. Caroline married Thomas Vavasour in St. John's and lived there until she died in 1920. Caroline was known as Carrie. If anyone has any info on Carrie please let me know.
pickering, ontario
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