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Comments by Dianne Knee Legge on February 20, 2011

Great Site. Keep up the good work
Wandering River, AB
Comments by Trudy King on February 19, 2011

Great site. Had no idea this existed. Such a great job. Keep up the good work.
Vancouver, BC
Comments by Verna( Benson) Brisebois on January 31, 2011

I just came across this great site.I am from Clarenville and went to Horwood High in the early 60's and afterwards worked for CNT both in Clarenville and Gander. I married Al Brisebois(Curran@Briggs), Al passed away in 2000. I re-married in 2007 and was widowed again in 2009.If there is anyone out there who remembersd me or Al I would love to hear from you.I have 3 brothers, Ed, Lloyd and Kevin...Ed still lives in Clarenville. Our parents were Frank and May Benson.
Thanks a bunch for the great work of providing this site.
Verna( Benson)Brisebois. January 2011
Brockville Ontario
Comments by Deidre Patey on January 6, 2011

I am wondering if anyone can help me...My children go to Clarenville Primary School & some of you may know that we are due for closure this year! We are in the process of planning something for a year end. If anyone out there can provide any information regarding this school, please contact me! Yourself, parent, grandparent may have gone to this school in the past & would love to share your memories, pictures or anything else you may have.
Please Help!

Admin Note: Please have a look at The May 1966 edition of The Random Guardian
Comments by yvonne abbott on August 30, 2010

i am looking for some inf. on alexsander pelly..he was my grandfather...marry to a myra king(from st.john) i nee to know there how many children they mother was one of them .betty..she as other siblings ..would like to know about them thanks...yvonne
Comments by WPKM on August 27, 2010

Hello. My brother just moved to Random Island last week from Ontario. I am familarising myself with the area. It looks incredibly beautiful and I look forward to visiting. I think he'll be very happy there. Have a great day.
London England
Comments by vernon adey on April 26, 2010

I was reading in your website that you are looking got a 1967 yearbook. I have such a yearbook if you want to look at it to get the names or to get someone to scan it.
box 1 site 1 R.R. 2 Hillview
Comments by Snowden on March 4, 2010

Referencing my previous post, I did not have my email address included. Anyone with information regarding the Bunker C spill in Random Sound circa 1950-60 please feel free to contact me.
Outer Cove
Comments by Snowden on March 4, 2010

Hi all,
great site Kevin,

I'm wondering if any viewers can help me out with some research on a shipping accident in Random Sound: Circa 1955-60 a vessel bound for (or leaving?) Clarenville struck Foster's Rock in Random Sound spilling Bunker C onto the beaches of Random Island. Does anyone have any information regarding this? Vessel name, owners, incident reports? etc? If so my email address
thanks very much,

Admin Note: Please have a look at The June 1966 edition of The Random Guardian
Outer Cove
Comments by Alvin Jacobs on February 15, 2010

I am on the guest, but I have changed my e-mail address, from to nom I joined this in october 25 2008.this is a great sight, thanks Kevin.
B O X 6756 Peace River AB.
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