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Comments by austin clench on July 28, 2011

love your website i wish to hear from anyone from the shoal harbour area i went to school with. i wish to hear from danny long from clarenville. keep up the good work.
kitchener ont.
Comments by Michelle Holloway on June 26, 2011

Thanks Kevin. Awesome site, brings back memories of growing up in Clarenville. Thanks again
Comments by Delano Ryan on June 19, 2011

I grew up in shoal Harbour, I left Nfld in 1974. I'm still a proud Newfoundlander and always will be. My mom and sister still live in Clarenville, and i vist every summer. I tell people on the mainland that i return to Nfld every summer to take an Accent renewable course for two weeks. They tell me that it is working,ha,ha. Congradulations on your web site,I've enjoyed viewing it.
Windsor Ontario
Comments by Philip Strong on May 31, 2011

Good site to see, my father grew up in clarenville and my grandmother was a teacher in the school.
Vancouver BC
Comments by Alf Greening on April 11, 2011

It's been awhile since I have visited this site. Forgot just how great a site this is. I enjoy all the photos, they're great takes me back when I look at the older photos of Clarneville. I lived out on the point, Bayview Road.
I will be sure to visit more often. Keep up the good work.
Surrey, BC
Comments by Terrilyn Janes on March 20, 2011

Hi, I'm really glad to have found this page. I moved to Texas right on the Mexican border a few years ago and really miss the rock. I'm now pregnant and trying to show my husband about where I am from, he's Mexican American he's never even seen snow so its very different. We really want our son to know about our family history. My family have two houses on random island, in Apsey brook, They have been in my family for over a hundred years. My Grandma stays there in the summers and then comes down here every year. I spent all my summers there and say to this day its my favorite place in the world. I've done a lot of traveling and always miss it. I'm looking forward to taking our son to Newfoundland, I always call it home. But Thanks, you've help ease my home sickness.
Rio Grande Valley, Texas
Comments by Harold Thornhill on March 8, 2011

I lived in Clarville in the 1960's, I was Dist. Mgr for Golden Eagle// if this can be of help to you I have a Souvenir Copy of the first Clarenville Packet Vol 1 N0 1 dated Thursday March 28 1968...
19 Outer Drive Fortune
Comments by Shirley Pitcher on February 27, 2011

HI, Kevin, Great site! Love it!
Comments by Jessie Clench Marshall on February 25, 2011

I just found out about this site on Facebook, my friend had the link on her status.Its great,I've just started looking at it and of course started with Shoal Hr.where I grew up and who did I see but dad (Alex Clench) uncle Raymond, uncle Bob and Barbara..
I'm hooked.. lol
Keep up the good work.
Guelph Ontario
Comments by cavelle lethbridge on February 24, 2011

This is great... love seeing all this and the memories this brings back. Thank-you
halifax nova scotia
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