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Comments by Leo on January 11, 2007

I think this is a great web site and I enjoyed it very much especially the old photos. Cheers everybody.Leo
Catalone,Nova Scotia
Comments by Darlene Tremblett on January 7, 2007

Hello to Everybody!
I think this web page is absolutely amazing! It's nice to be able to look back and reminisce. Keep up the great page!
Pouch Cove
Comments by Tom Brown on December 27, 2006

Great site. I lived in Clarenville from 1956 - 1965. Graduated from Horwood High 1962. I missed out on the reunion. I hear a cruise is being planned for 2008. Can you offer any info on those plans?
Tom Brown
Vancouver, BC
Comments by Trevor Durant on November 26, 2006

Nice Site,
I looked over Dad's shoulder and he was looking at this site. I havn't been to Clarenville in about 7yrs, busy moving around, BC,ON,NS. Just recently moved to Dartmouth from Borden,ON, I am in the CF, and presently work at Shearwater. Mom and Dad live in Mt. Uniacke,NS. and Nicole lives in Ottawa. Its nice to see names in the guess book you reconize.
Dartmouth, NS
Comments by Anthony Sparkes on November 14, 2006

Great website of my hometown, brings back good memories.
Brampton, ON
Comments by Carter Vivian on October 30, 2006

Great website. Moved from Clarenville in about 1987 and came to Ontario and only been back home once. From the photos I can tell things have really changed, a Napa Auto Parts...who would have thought!! Some of my family still live in and around Clarenville, last names Loder and Brown. Love the pictures and will be back again.
Comments by Judy Lynn Wiseman (Reid) on October 30, 2006

Hi Kevin,
Just checked out the new look of your website. It looks fantastic and easy to move through selections. Keep up the great work. You are to be commended for the time and effort you have put into linking many friends and acquaintances to their old "homestead". Thanks again!
Comments by Pauline Metcalfe on October 17, 2006

also if micheal demmons is lerking on the site email my friend.. also hi to danny and dia-lyn gosse family danny graduated with me ................. would like to hear from anyone who is from clarenville that knows me email me at thanks
St John's
Comments by Pauline Metcalfe on October 17, 2006

Hi Kevin great job!! I was very suprised to see people who signed the guest book that I knew. Would like to get in touch with some if you can help. There are some old high school friends aswel as air cadet 567 random friends?? but over all good job keep it up
St John's
Comments by Kelly Villanueva (Bursey) on October 7, 2006

Great site! I've been away for 10 years but Clarenville will always be home.
Hi Michael Demmons. Hope all is well.
Calgary, AB
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