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Comments by Bonnie-The Shoal Harbour Scrib on January 9, 2005

I'm going to go on a search for a little short story that is TRUE and told over and over again around Shoal Harbour.
I'll send it to you ASAP.
Looking Good Kevin!!
People-get out your vote for Kevin-he's put a lot of time and effort into this.And doing something like this is called 'INITIATIVE'--so a pat on the back and a vote is called for!!
Bye for now!!
Bonnie, in beautiful Shoal Harbour, Trinity Bay-Where the Ocean kisses the Sky!
Comments by Evan Gladney on December 25, 2004

Just dropping a note, was bored at work and searching gladney on the internet, found some stuff on grampy and dad so worked out good :) Glad to see clarenville has a website as well
Comments by juanita turrett[ buckle] on November 4, 2004

lovely story. awesome dream ,and to retire so soon. smart Newfoundlander hey? did all ya work went back home to have fun.just wonderful. and you bonnie did an awesome job on this story.waiting for the next one to come haha juanita on the labrador
Comments by JEFF MAUGER on November 4, 2004

Happy 60th Joe, Hope you have many more to go.
Comments by lloyd martin on November 4, 2004

good luck happy 60th ,joe good site , enjoy it lot, wonderful place to live. lloyd martin. h
Comments by lloyd martin on November 4, 2004

good luck

Comments by Heather (Lowe) GLavine on November 4, 2004

Happy 60th Dad!
Love, Heather, Lance and kylee
Comments by Pat on November 4, 2004

I still plan to get some good photo's of Joe on my web site. Been very busy with and the candles on are keeping me hopping these days! Enjoyed the story of Little Joe's Big Dreams :)
Comments by Nikki Petipas on November 4, 2004

Bonnie, you must make your readers aware of other resorces in which to read your marvelous stories. I'm certain they'd take pleasure in further reading. Also your book "Up Till Now."
As always I have enjoyed your fine story and marvel at the subject matter you select. Each story is a piece of your heart, soul, memories of a wonderful, giving, sharing life.
Along with the norm, you have a tendency to bring your readers back to a special place in time that was your's then, is today, and now shall forever become a part of the reader. You leave us remembering your fine tale and paundering over our own experiences, which perhaps has long been forgotten. You have helped me recall some of the nuances of my childhood.
I also marvel at your talent and engulf your words as though they were my own at times. You've brought a piece of Newfoundlanderoundland back to this homesick reader. It is not the first time nor shall it be the last, God willing, that I've had the pleasure to read a piece of your heart. Thank you Bonnie!
Nikki, your dedicated reader in Arizona, formally of Whitbourne, Newfoundlanderoundland.
Comments by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe on November 3, 2004

It is very sad that we do not celebrate our own 'home town heros' as much as we should. An actor on a situation comedy show receives more attention than those people who have made great strides in life, coming from our little Newfoundlanderoundland communities. I think, in my humble opinion, but strong opinion, that we should look closer to home more often to find the people who have shaped our Rock within the Sea that we love so much.
May the wind be always at your back!!
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