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Comments by Peggy McFarland on March 3, 2005

Was born in St John's in 1953. Was adopted by an American couple and just recently found my birth mother. My birth father is from Clarenville but he doesn't want to make contact. I am hoping to meet my siblings someday. Right now just interested i learning more about him and where he is from, thanks, Peggy McFarland (Melendy- birth name)
Marietta, GA
Comments by Thomas Baker on February 27, 2005

A marvelous site i realy enjoy it, keep up the
good work.
60A Celtic DR Dartmouth NS
Comments by Chick Cholock on February 23, 2005

Kevin, great website. Thanks for promoting our Horwood High Reunion July 21 - 23 / 2006 in your Alumni section. To all viewers of this site, please pass the Reunion information to anyone who attended Horwood High, anytime from 1957 to 1966. We will send them an invitation as soon as we have their address.
Comments by Don Drodge on February 22, 2005

Great Web site , lots of information , keep up the great work !!!
P.S. Love the pictures Love the pictures
Comments by Joan Hicks (Tilley) on February 15, 2005

Your Clarenville web site is excellent and informative. It is my birth place and enjoy reading about my homeland.
35 Eisener Blvd Dartmouth NS
Comments by Kevin Elliott on February 7, 2005

Due to resent events I have Installed a new Guestbook Software that will notify me when a entry has been made. I will then approve the new entry to be displayed for all to see, asap. This is a family website and I would not what anyone to see the junk that was being added to our guestbook by spammers over the last few weeks. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.
This new Guestbook is a work in progress I beleived I have all the bugs worked out. Also if the format does not look right please leave a coment or send me an email.
Outer Cove
Comments by Gunther Stahr on January 23, 2005

I have lived and worked in Clarenville during the construction of the Trans Canada Highway.I often look at your side.Best regards
Comments by Jenny Piccolo on January 22, 2005

Great Pictures Bonnie. Joe was quite cute as a little boy.
Comments by joanne smith on January 22, 2005

Comments by George Goodwin on January 22, 2005

Excellant site, well done. I have a good many of Bonnie's stories on my site and I don't know what we would do without her for a good laugh now and then. Keep up the good work.
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