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Comments by Sandy (Bailey) LeBlanc on May 13, 2005

I am from Shoal Hr. and graduated from Clarenville High in 1986. I loved the site and miss home very much. Newfoundland is the best place in the world with the best people.
Ottawa, Ontario
Comments by Stephanie on May 5, 2005

Great site! Very informative! Loved the pictures. My family is moving to Clarenville at the end of June and we found your site very useful. We can't wait to get there! Just wondering if anyone knows where to find rental listings for the area. We've found lots of places to buy but nothing to rent so far. Any help would be appreciated. Keep up the great work with the site!
Comments by donaldparsons on April 15, 2005

Hay you guys miss you all and my family too.and grandmother we all miss you lots and lots.if anyone remembers me from when i went to clarenville school feel free to e-mail me and we can chat.Me and my family will be back some day to visit and see you grandmother.And other friends and family too.Might drop by the school to see some of the teachers thats if the ones i know are still there that is.
#101-8725-oakstreet vancouver
Comments by Steve Balsom on April 14, 2005

Great site kevin keep up the good work one thing i would like to mention in the section with the overseas foresters you forgot my grandfater Benjiman Rowe don't sorry dont have unit number or branch
St. John's
Comments by ilona young/timothy harris on April 13, 2005

how wonderful to be able to see your beautiful town from the big smoke-tim has family/friends in clarenville and port blandford. as i said to tim, why are we living in a big dirty city when such beautiful places as your town exist. loved all the photos-more please!! thank=you..we enjoyed our visit.
toronto, ont.
Comments by Roy Norman on April 11, 2005

Hi...was browsing your site and I thought you did a great job . Was imprssed to see a picture of my ole friend ed. thistle....thanks...
Moncton, New Brunswick
Comments by Jerry Goodyear on April 6, 2005

Great Site and great story Bonnie . Makes me Very home sick. memories!!!!!!!!!
Milford, N.S
Comments by Clara (Marsh) Oswald on April 6, 2005

What a wonderful web site. I'm from Hickman's Hbr. and Clarenville. Married my husband in 1942 at St.Thomas Church in St. Johns. We are fully retired and have been back hme many,many times.Good luck with your web page.
Comments by Betty Sutton (Janes) on April 5, 2005

April 5th, 2005. Good morning! I have just found this site. It's interesting that today is the anniversary of the day I left Newfoundland to move to the Yukon 34 years ago. I wanted adventure and to see something of Western Canada and was only coming to the Yukon for a year... two years at the most!! ... as they say, the rest is history. I come home to Newfoundland (and Clarenville) every year. Great site. Any of my old school buddies, please email me.
Betty (Janes) Sutton
Whitehorse, Yukon
Comments by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe on March 30, 2005

Hi Kevin--
New site looks terrific!
Great Job!!
Shoal Harbour,NL
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