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Comments by Mont Lingard on June 27, 2005

Just discovered your website today. Great Job!
I am especially delighted to see the old photos of the railway. I knew all the railroaders from Clarenville from that era (1950's) and still see and talk to the few that are still alive.
I wrote five books on the railway and "Next Stop: Trinity Loop has several photos of that area.
Hope to get a website soon and with your permission will surely give a link to your site.
Badger NL
Comments by Heather Rose Russell on June 27, 2005

Loved the photos of the old railway station and the trains. Boy, oh boy, I loved riding the Bonavista Branch train in the 1970s when I was going to school. Every summer, I'd go for a train ride from Bonavista (my hometown) to some point along the line -- once it was Catalina, another time it was Port Rexton, another time it was Princeton, and three times to Clarenville. Loved it! Would love to do it all over again, not on a train of course because the tracks are taken up, but on foot or bike or some other such means.
Take care, and next stop, Breakheart Crossing,
Heather Rose Russell
St. John's
Comments by Matt Coleman on June 26, 2005

Very evocative photos -- they capture the feel of how it look when I first visted there back in the 1960s.
Talking Rock, Georgia, USA
Comments by sandy on June 25, 2005

Working on some family history, trying to find cousins. Heard great-uncle Joe worked for the Canadian Railway. Came from Beeston, Nottingham, England. Ring any bells? Love to find relatives.
208 S. Winston Lane, S.A., TX
Comments by Rosalind Keats Matthews on June 24, 2005

Just found your site. Lovely job. It made me homesick for the rock. I grew up in Bloomfield but worked in Clarenville for many years. Would love to hear from old friends.
Squamish B.C.
Comments by Brian Belbin on June 23, 2005

Just wanted to say great job on the webpage if at all possible maybe you can add my webpage to your links or at least check it out thanks again Brian
Comments by SWIM, Cleve &Janice BOURNE on June 23, 2005

One of the photos you diplay in which you 'think' Dr. Swan used as his office, you are quite correct. That building also housed the Magistrates Court (Mag. SCOTT), the Welfare Office; both on the top floor, and on the bottom right corner, either the Royal Bank or the Bank of Nova Scotia was located. Your site brings back a lot of memories to us.
Comments by Fraser Seward on June 16, 2005

Last night,my son dan and I went dowm memory lane.We knew everyone in the photo's Dan has just completed 25yrs in the Mounties and is still having fun, stationed in vernon,B.C. I remember some fond times with "Alvin" Lowe and often think about him. I am visiting dan and his family for a few days. I wonder how we could submit a portfolio?
2593 parent rd prince george,
Comments by ashley.m on June 13, 2005

I think Clarenville is an amzaing place to live in, i've researched all internet for my french social science, my teacher and my friend came from there and came up here in the northwest territories. My friend left here to there couple years of ago. Clarenceville came into Clarenville. The history is very descriptive.Its amazing what a little town can have so much information
5023 forrest drive
Comments by Dona Taverner on June 11, 2005

Although I didn't grow up there, my husband did (Ivan- or some may know him as "Darby" and I have many fond memories of living in Shoal Hr. for a few years. That river valley in fall has to be the most beautiful on earth! This site is wonderful and was introduced to me by Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe. I love her stories and this web site is great. I will be keeping in touch.
Fort McMurray, AB
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