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Comments by NinaKing on July 29, 2005

What a fantastic site. Keep up the great work.
65 Bayview Road
Comments by Bernard Switalski on July 22, 2005

I lived in Clarenville for a year back in the early 70s.
Thirty years later, I still think back with fond memories of the warm, friendly people in Newfoundland.
It was one of the best years of my life.
Riverside, Illinois, USA
Comments by Jamie Balsom on July 20, 2005

Very interesting,
Paradise NL
Comments by Dianne Baggs-Bursey on July 16, 2005

Shoal Hrbour
Comments by natasha poirier on July 15, 2005

antigonish ns
Comments by Wanda Bateman on July 13, 2005

Awesome job on the website Kevin! I am impressed. We are home for three weeks visiting Clarenville, Terra Nova and St. John's. There have been a lot of changes in the past three years. My favorite so far has been seeing my handsome nephew Colin and my beautiful neice Jennifer!!! I also went for my first Kayaking trip with my good friend Bonnie! in scenic Harcourt!`Wow! I plan to do a lot more of that....and hopefully soon!
Love the site Kevin!
Madoc, Ontario
Comments by Sandi Clarke on July 13, 2005

Wonderful site! I became very interested in this area when I discovered that my birth family hails from the Randon Island, Clarenville, Deer Harbour part of our world. My birth name was Penney. I was born in Toronto in 1954 and my mother is Roberta (Bobbi). If anyone knows how I can get in touch with my siblings, please email me. Unfortunately, they are not aware of my existence. If you know someone associated with this family - PLEASE - drop me line.
Many thanks.
Orillia, ON
Comments by gerald martin on July 11, 2005

Love the site, learned more from you than I ever knew before. Keep it up. I am from Random Island origanly and sure feel homesick now.
Comments by Heather Rose Russell on July 4, 2005

Nice website, Kevin, and keep up the excellent work. I especially loved the old photos of the days of yore. And yes, I remember that old school in Shoal Harbour, the one by the railway crossing, post office, and church, that is now a furniture store. Although I grew up in Bonavista, I made many car trips to Clarenville. Boy, do I *ever* remember that old gravel Cabot Highway (current Route 230)when it used to wind all out around Trinity Arm and go up over Breakheart Hill, the same way you go for the Trinity Loop today. And out across the Trinity Pond barrens and around Carey's Ridge towards Princeton Big Pond. Yes, I remember that old road quite well. As far back as my personal memory takes me, the Cabot Highway was paved from Bonavista to Catalina, gravel from Port Union to just before Lethbridge, and paved the rest of the way to Clarenville.
Like I just said, I loved the old photos. However, in the "general collection", you have a couple photos of somewhere on the old gravel highway between Clarenville and Deep Bight, looking out across at Random Island, taken in the early 1950s, and have captioned them "Trans Canada Highway." This is a misnomer, as there was no "Trans Canada Highway" until we "finished the drive in '65." That gravel highway, shown on old maps as Route 10, is part of the "original" Cabot Highway which was officially opened in 1947 to commemmorate Cabot's 450th anniversary of his landfall. The Bonavista Peninsula portion of this highway snaked through such communities as Winterbrook and Sweet Bay and also followed what is now Route 235. (Perhaps someone out there remembers that old wooden bridge near Sweet Bay called "The Rattles.")
Also loved the photo of Old Shoal Harbour River bridge with its "dome" shaped concrete sides. Keep up the excellent work and keep posting photos of such beautiful old relics as we may never see again.
(An "old-timer" who loves to remember stuff from the good old days of yore)
St. John's, NL
Comments by Denise Miles on June 28, 2005

Great website!!!!!
Love how much of history makes me homesick. My grandfather was Alfred John Balsom and my father was David Balsom from Deep Bight. Its great to see what a wonderful heritage I have. Keep it going and I look forward to all the new items that will be coming.
Cambridge Ontario
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