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Comments by Perry Keats on February 19, 2012

VERY INTERESTING SITE! Really enjoyed it. Thank You, It is obviously a great deal of work.
Fort McMurray, AB
Comments by dorothy baker on February 4, 2012

"WOW" kevin, what an awsome site,It has so many memories,made me so homesick,you are doing an awsome job, so glad you took so much time to bring all those memories to light.P.s. Your mom was my favorite school nurse.please say hi for me
halifax, nova scotia
Comments by Alf Greening on January 23, 2012

It is always a delight to look in on this website. I had the opportunity to visit my home town of clarneville in October of 2011. Great seeing some old friends and seeing the old stomping grounds.
Love to hear from some of my old friends. Feel free to e-mail.
Keep up the great work on this site.
Langley, BC
Comments by Bob Taverner on January 12, 2012

Just discovered your site, saw pictures of old repeater station in Shoal Hr. Brought back many memories fom my younger days , Many of the soldiers stationed there were very involved with the youth of the community,ie sports ,especially baseball and soft ball, they put a big backstop over on Tilly's field , would drive around and pick kids for ball games. Some evening's would show a movie in the station , remember enjoying the fresh fruit and snacks. I believe ,when they left they donated a lot ball equipment to the community,if i remember correctly it was entrusted to Mr. Cyril Wiseman.
Matter of fact, I somehow volunteered to help fight the
fire when the old stion burned down.
47 Desert Cove ,Vernon, BC
Comments by Mona Hutchings Samson on January 5, 2012

I was born in Shoal Harbour, & moved to Clarenville when I was quite young. Moved to Wpg. in 1958. My dad, Maxwell Hutchings, worked at the CNR, as a car repairman.
603-1 Boulton Bay, Wpg. Mb.
Comments by Wanda Elliott Bateman on December 26, 2011

I guess I need to check this site more often. I have just been put in touch with two old friends from the seventies, thanks to this site!
I too hve been away from Newfoundland for 25 years and miss the water and Clarenville. Just two years after this one 'til I can retire, and who knows...maybe I will head home.
Madoc Ontario
Comments by Geoff Ash on December 23, 2011

Tremendous site Kevin. My wife Kathy found it while she was looking up some Newfoundland recipes and came across the January 65 edition announcing my birth along with my cousin Dave Baird and friends Lori Tavernor and (most likely) Dennis Stanley. I can still remember painting my name on the face of the Bare Mountain, along with Brian Tavernor . A flood of memories packed in here. Thanks Kev.
Crediton, Ontario
Comments by Mel Burton on October 20, 2011

I was born in Rose Blanche. My father's family operated a fishing skiff called the Joy Folger. We just found the registration in NS in for 1909 and St Johns 1930. I am currently searching for photos and info about skiffs. I have traced my family back to Lympmouth England where my great grandfather was born in the 1700s.
Burlington, Ontario
Comments by Brenda (Wilson) Jones on October 15, 2011

This site brings back happy memories..I lived in Clarenville in 1973 while my Dad worked at the Come by Chance Refinery..I went to Clarenville Junior High..My friends were Eileen Penney, Wanda Elliott..Wally Clench from Shoal Harbour...
Sarnia, Ontario
Comments by Tom Brown on September 9, 2011

Great Site - loved reading all the comments.I lived in Clarenville from 1956 - 1965 when I left to join the RCMP. Now retired and living in Vancouver. My heart is still in Clarenville.
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