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Comments by Lori and Jeremy Stanley on March 10, 2007

My grandfather was from Clarenville. He was Norman Stanley. ( I was told he changed his first name, so he may have been known as Namith Stanley. He should have been born in the late 1890's). My son is very interested in his past and would like to learn as much as he can about the Stanley's.
If there are any Stanley's who would like to talk to us about our family, please forward this e-mail to them.
My grandfather left Clarenville and went to Cape Breton where he married and had 13 children. From these 13 children are hundrends of descendents. We are now on the fourth generation. I am one of the youngest of the grandchildren at 39-- my brother is the youngest-- he is 26 years old. He works for the premier of Ontario.
Please, we would love to learn more about our past and eventually where we came from. Can you help us?
Please let us know.
Thanks for your time.

Lori and Jeremy Stanley
Kitchener, On
Comments by Tina Cooper on March 3, 2007

I was just sitting here a little homesick so I began searching the net for Random Island and I came across this site. It's nice to be able to have reminders of what it's like back there!! I'm hoping to reconnect with a few people...I know its a shot in the dark but if anyone can tell me how to get in touch with Deneen Mifflin, Jason March, Ben Pitcher (been so long not sure if thats how you spell your last name ha!ha!), Elaine Laite, Phillip Soper....oh there's way to many for me to list...anyone who knows me email me or anyone who knows how I can reach any of these people please let me know :o) Thanks!!
Kingston ON
Comments by Wes on February 28, 2007

I was just surfing and wondering where Clarenville was located. It looks like a beautiful community. My good friend, Vikas Khaladkar, has been recently appointed the Crown Prosecutor there. Please welcome him with your warm hospitality.
Westbank, BC
Comments by Grace Collins on February 7, 2007

Great website. My mother was Doris Vokey nee Barnes born in Shoal Harbour, dau of Joseph Barnes & Amy Ann Wells. Amy Ann had a second marriage to Alexander Ivany. As a child I spent many summers with my grandmother in Shoal Harbour. Now in the summers I return to visit the cemeteries and try to recall places I used to visit. A lot has changed since the 50s and the pictures on your website bring back a lot of memories. Keep up the great work
Bishop's Falls, NL
Comments by Chick Cholock on January 25, 2007

Kevin / Thanks for your help is making Horwood High Reunion 2006 the amazing success it was. Thanks for your offer to promote our next project - Horwood Group Cruise 2008. Yes the committee from 1992 have joined forces with the committee from 2006 to offer something completely different. This time we've partnered with Universal Travel to make all the arrangements. It will be a 7 day Western Caribbean Cruise leaving Miami on April 20/2008. We visit; Mexico, Cayman Islands and Jamiaca. Rates start at $699.00 Canadian for the cruise,[taxes, port charges included] The cruise/air package from St John's is $1,499.00 Canadian [taxes, port charges, transfers & hotel in Miama included]Rates from all other airports available. Call Universal Travel toll free at 1-877-435-9292 or email for details and bookings. This cruise is open to the general public, not just Horwood High Alumni.
Clarenville, NL
Comments by Ed Vincent on January 22, 2007

Hi Kevin. You sure do have a super web site here. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There's a wealth of information in there too. I know it must take a lot of your time and your are to be commended for that.
I have taken a lot of photos of this area and more specifically of the Harcourt area. So, I would welcome anyone out there who wants me to send them photos of the many areas of the province and more so of this region just e-mail me at: And, tell your NL friends too.

I'd be only too delighted to forward them photos via e-mail. I have a regular 'photo mailing e-mail list", and I send out photos regularly..
Back to your web site. In years to come the contents of this web site will become more and more invaluable.
Thanks so much.
Edward(Bud) Vincent - Harcourt...formerly 'a townie'....
PO BOX 5958- Clarenville,NL a5
Comments by jerry cooper on January 22, 2007

Nice site,I'll be checking in from time to time to see if any of my old friends have dropped by.I'm from Random Island,went to Horwood High from 1969 to 1971.
fort mcmurray.ab
Comments by Betty Carmichael on January 21, 2007

Just checking out site. Plan on visiting in June. Looks like a lovely quiet place. So anxious to get there.
31 First Ave. McAdam, NB
Comments by Netta Linturi (Oinonen) on January 15, 2007

Hi everybody! It was great to find this site and read names from years back. I lived there only for a year, but Clarenville always has special place in my heart. If someone still remembers an exchange student from Finland 1988-89, send me some mail.
Comments by Michael Wortman on January 12, 2007

Thanks Kevin, My mother was born and raised in Clarenville (Marie Balsom). I was there in 1968 as a nine year old, I loved it then and it was sure great seeing it again though your website. My grandfather was Chesley Balsom. Thanks for letting me peer back into my heritage.
Quincy, IL. USA
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