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Comments by Nancy Butt on July 30, 2006

Hi Kevin, very interesting website I stumbled upon. I graduated in 1981 (if my memory serves me correct, we were in the same class). I am originally from North West Brook but have lived in Ontario for 20 years now. I am currently living in Orangeville, Ont with my 2 kids Melanie and Scott. It's great to see what former classmates have done. Too bad more of them haven't taken advantage of your fabulous site. Keep up the great work.
Orangeville, Ontario
Comments by Allan on July 26, 2006

Nice site, but could you add some pic's of Harcourt
Fort Mcmurray, AB
Comments by Brendon H on June 27, 2006

Very nice job, exelent pictures
Fort mcmurray
Comments by Christene McCutcheon on June 25, 2006

I use to live in Clarenville form 1986-88. We were there for only a short time because my father went over for the railroad then CN closed down all trainsin NF so we had to move back to NS. I was only about 11 or twelve at the time. I have only been back once since (1990) and can't wait till I get a chance to back back agian.
Lower Sackville, NS
Comments by John Mills on June 14, 2006

Great web site!!!! Would love to see more pictures of the area.
Elmsdale, NS
Comments by Marlene (Dalton) Brinston on June 10, 2006

Loved the site. I grew up in Shoal Harbour. Moved to Alberta in 1978. Great pictures. I will be adding this site to my "favourites"
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
Comments by Cathy Martin on June 5, 2006

hi there, I lived in Shoal Harbor/Clarenville in 1975-1976 with my mom. She went to trade school there and we room and boarded with Dave and Norma Stanley. Our house burnt down either late March or early April. All I really remember about it was that it was a big white house, by a bridge...railway bridge maybe? The Stanley's son Todd and I started Kindergarden together and I think our teachers name was Mrs. Baker who lived right beside the school. Tonya was a few years younger than us. Does anyone remember this fire?
Comments by Dolores Power (Dalton) on May 20, 2006

What a beauitful site . I lived in Shoal Harbour for most of my life moving there when I was about 4 . My parents are Andy and Nina Dalton. Dad now deseased.I have been married for 14 years no kids (medical ) but have 2 beauitful cats. my Husband Ron is from Badger, nfld and you wouldn't believe it ,I met him in Toronto lol. anyone willing to contact I'm at I loved the pictures. Keep up the good work
Comments by clara abbott on April 22, 2006

hi,clarenville is a nice place to visit in the summer i have been in clarenville before the pictuers are nice i would like to see moreof all around clarenville also the salvation army officers andthecorp over 60 club sunday school the sa band home league say hello to ida tilley for me ilike to see her,
5 centennial avenue,grand fall
Comments by Nicole Ley on April 18, 2006

My Grandparents, Lloyd A. Adams and Dorothy R. Adams(Sheppard), are from Milton and Champney's East. I love looking at the photos of where my Grandparents grew up. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful site.
Coldwater, ON
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