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Comments by Bonnie Goodyear(Spurrell on September 30, 2006

Kevin: What a wonderful site! My daughter (who is living in St.John's)and I just explored it together while on the phone. It's great to check out all the comments. If anyone from the area who is presently living away and has an interesting story to share, let me know. I work with The Packet and would be happy to pass them along to the editor.
Comments by David Garnier on September 27, 2006

I think its alright ! And will come back again .
Comments by Penny Legge ( Saint) on September 21, 2006

Very nice site. Lived in Clarenville for over 20 years.
Graduated at Clarenville High School in 1991. Just recently moved to Alberta, but Newfoundland will still be my home. Keep up the good work.
Fort Mcmurray Alberta
Comments by Hazel Hyde (George) on September 14, 2006

Great site. Went to Horwood High from 1970 to 1973. Orginally came from Harcourt. Keep up the good work.
Belleville, Ontario
Comments by Darlene Parrott on August 28, 2006

Hi Kevin,
Great site!! I was very happy to find it. Very excited to stay in touch. Thanks for the dedication and hard work
Fredericton NB
Comments by Michael Demmons on August 28, 2006

Kevin: This is a terrific site. I've bookmarked it to come back now and then to check for updates. Keep it up and thanks!
Michael Demmons
Atlanta, Georgia
Comments by patsy wiseman on August 22, 2006

hi , just stumbled on this site and it is great. would like to see more on the history of the orangemen association.they played an important role in the community.keep up the good work.
ft mc murray , alberta
Comments by Michelle Penney on August 20, 2006

Thank you for a great site, I loved walking down memory lane with the yearbook site. I updated mine, I just wish more people would find your site and update theirs. It is a great and you did a great job with it. Again thank you.
Comments by Jim Blackwood on August 5, 2006

Last night I met a guy in Stellarton,N.S, Danny Gosse he was an investigator for UIC in Clarenville but now lives in PEI. We had a good long chat about Clarenville and its people and how it was one of the high points in our lives to have lived there. I can't understand me being in the RCMP and not running into to him before this. I would like to hear from any old friends from clarenville if I could. (
Jim Blackwood
PS. Geoff Stirling sent me a copy of the video that aired there regarding the UFO siting in 78 it was great.
Churchville, N.S.
Comments by Knick & Lyn Pyles on August 2, 2006

Enjoyed the website-- we hope to be in Clarenville in six weeks or so and are looking forward to the visit very much.
Best regards,
Knick and Lyn Pyles
P O Box 2245, Point Roberts, W
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