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Comments by Angela Sheppard(Blundon) on September 18, 2005

I love this site its great. I went to school in the old Horwood High in Clarenville and left it in 1976 to have a child. My parents lived in Shoal Harbour and I have 5 sisters and one brother some of you will probably know them. I would like to know if anyone has a picture of a saw mill in around the harbour as my father and uncle had one there. Have a great day.
Comments by Evelyn on September 18, 2005

Hi, This is a great site. Looking for Byrne familes. Thanks
Comments by Paulette Strong- Lambert on September 16, 2005

Just checking on a few historical items. It's been very informative. Thank you.
Brampton, Ontario
Comments by Peggy McFarland on September 15, 2005

Just found out who my biological parents are. Ruby (Melendy) Crocker from St John's and my bio-father prefers to not to be named. I know I have siblings in Clarenville and hope someday to meet them. I will be visiting again next year. Thank you so much for this site, it helps me get a feel for my bio-family.
Peggy McFarland
Marietta, GA
Comments by Judy Lynn Wiseman (Reid) on September 15, 2005

Wondering if you can help me locate a school picture from a class in Shoal Harbour.
Kindergarten graduation picture from 1980/81 school year at Shoal Harbour school. There would have been more than one class picture, but all would be great.
Thank you
Comments by Carol-Ann ( Ivany) Strong on September 10, 2005

Nice job Kevin good to see a lot of familiar names.
3 Highland Drive
Comments by Cindy Delaney on September 1, 2005

Please, would you have any info on the location of Garden cove, population, how far it is from Clarenville??
lakewood, wa
Comments by Chris Lovatt on August 29, 2005

Excellent website I miss Clarenville so much I had some great times there..To my friends Adam,Trevor,Jeremy and Jane look me up sometime miss you all.
Dartmouth Ns
Comments by Chick Cholock on August 24, 2005

Horwood Reunion Update:
To date we have a fantastic response to next years reunion.
We now have 166 paid registrations and expect to reach 500.
If you attended Horwood High anytime between 1957 and June 1966 and have not received your invitation, we do not have your address. We still looking for about 100 former students. Check our website [] for more information and lots of pictures. Please pass this on to anyone you know who attended Horwood High in those "glory days"
Thanks for your help through this website.
Horwood Reunion 2006 Committee
Comments by lossie (balsom) kalina on August 10, 2005

really love this site ,i go back to it lots of times,
i went to school at the old united church school,
like to know more about the railroad, my dad was a railway
man who helped build the railway tracks
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