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Comments by Rose (Stanley) Rothberg on October 17, 2005

Great site. Brought back some wonderful memories and a few not so pleasant one. Can't wait to renew some old friendships.
I have a story about Mr. Horwood. Does anyone on the school bus remember the pine grove in Shoal Harbour (the Barbors estate)? Anyhow, there was a discussion in class about pine groves and Mr. Horwood asked if anyone knew of our beautiful local pine grove. Nobody seems to know the answer, so he directly questions me. Being shy and not very knowledgeable I was unable to answer. He proceeded to express that I should (of all the people on the bus) know where is was. To this day, every time I pass a pine tree or pine grove I think of him and that day.
E. Moriches, New York
Comments by Alison Horner (nee Balsom) on October 15, 2005

Nice to see photo of my Grandmother Sara Balsom
Keep up the Good Work
Shoal Harbour
Comments by Stacey Russell on October 14, 2005

hi my name is stacey and i was wrting to tell you that people know alot about clarenville but not enough about shoal harbour im in grade 8 and doing a research project on shoal harbour and i cant find anything!!! its so evil so please be kind and put MORE THINGS IN THIS ARTICAL

***Note from Admin: This site is a collection of information from other sites and from my visitors. If anyone have any information on Shoal Harbor and would be willing to have it placed on this website please send me an email. This includes Historical Information, School Papers, old Photos, etc.
34 Palmers lane
Comments by Wayne Abbott on October 1, 2005

I was surfing the Bonavista web site and found a link to this site and thought I'd check it out. I'm from Bonavista but living in the States, it's very humid here in the summertime. Great site...good work.
Wayne and Yvonne
Athens, Alabama
Comments by Bette Heim (Hibbs) on October 1, 2005

Would like to know how to contact Betty Hynes
2016 Oak View Dr Urbana Ohio
Comments by Sandra Balsom Lewis on October 1, 2005

Love your site especialy the Balsom photos. Sara Balsom was my Grandmother.
Would love to attend A reunion from 1956
Grand Falls Windsor
Comments by Crystal Anstey-Watkins on September 26, 2005

Hello Clarenville, i am looking for some people in their early twenties who studied Visual Arts at the College of the North Atlantic from 98-2000...Erin POwer, Brad Seaward, Mitchell Stacey, just to name a few....I am wondeing where everybody is? so email me with some information.
Comments by Sylvia Sinclair on September 23, 2005

Just want to say to keep up the good work. The plane crash site is beautiful. We are living in Monroe.
Box 6351 Clarenville, NL A5A 2
Comments by Ed Vincent on September 21, 2005

Hats off to you fine folks for your superb efforts in preserving the history of the Clarenville area..I was certainly impressed with the old photos. I will ensure that others are aware of this site.
I would also like to see(if possible) some current photos of Clarenville.
Keep up the great work.
ED Vincent
Harcourt, NL
Comments by Danny Seward on September 19, 2005

It's great to be able to access this site and remember the good ole times of days gone by. I recently had my dad Fraser Seaward visit lately and needless to say some of the photo's prompted many yarns.
Vernon B.C.
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