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Comments by Ashley Seaward Hyland on June 8, 2007 mom told me about this site and i could not believe it!!!!
ive seen pictures of my Dad at a young age before but never this young..
Thanks to this site i seen a picture of my Dad Walter Seaward in K-G1 1967!!!!!!!!
Ashley(seaward),Brad and Talan Hyland
Comments by Corina on June 4, 2007

This is a great site. My father in law and his close relatives reside in Clarenville. He returned to his homeland after retiring and being away for over 40 years.
James Penney, his wife Patricia, and daughter Pauline, and son Jimmy are currently enjoying their peaceful existance in such a beautiful part of Canada.
Brampton, Onatrio
Comments by Norma Coish (Newell) on May 4, 2007

I grew up in Clarenville. I graduated in 1976 and had moved away in 1978. I've been through Clarenville many times on visits back to NL and visited some old friends. Cindy Strong, the Palmers, Marina Mercer's parents. I wish I had googled this sooner and knew about the reunion last year. I would of loved to attend.
Kingston, Ontario
Comments by Kim Doughty (Bourne) on April 14, 2007

It's Saturday night. My husband is away, my 2 children are sound asleep. I 'googled' Clarenville for something to do and found this incredible site! Looking at some of the pictures from the early kindergarten and grade one classes made me smile. I can still remember some of those kids, clear as day. I wish I had a crystal ball to see where they all are now. Hey, maybe I'll see them on the cruise!! Fantastic website. I'll definitely be back.
Chalk River, ON
Comments by Amanda Biezenski(nee Squires) on March 31, 2007

Thank you for having this webpage. I live so far away from "home" that it is very difficult to get back often. Having webpages like this one helps to keep me conncected to my roots. I enjoyed the photos and he Alumni pages. Keep up the great work!
Regina, Saskatchewan
Comments by Susan Seaward on March 20, 2007

Hey everyone from Clarenville.
I am feeling a little homesick so I thought I would try to see what I could find on the net about home. I really miss home and my family and friends back there. I promise I will come visit next year. With my wedding this year (ya I know...I'm getting married...who would have thought), I am too busy and broke to visit this year. Eventually I will make it back. I want to show the new hubby what I bragg about all the time!!!
Brampton, On
Comments by Nannette on March 16, 2007

I just stumbled on your web-site. My mother is from Shoal Harbour, I'm trying to get a family trip for next summer. I love the stories.
Comments by Penny Legge(Saint) on March 12, 2007

Hi everyone in Newfoundland. Miss being home on the rock, but will be coming home in August for my sister Jayme's wedding. Love your web site it is very interesting. Keep up the good work. Will definitely be visiting this web site again, until next time. Bye for now.
Fort Mcmurray Alberta
Comments by Lori and Jeremy Stanley on March 10, 2007

My grandfather was from Clarenville. He was Norman Stanley. ( I was told he changed his first name, so he may have been known as Namith Stanley. He should have been born in the late 1890's). My son is very interested in his past and would like to learn as much as he can about the Stanley's.
If there are any Stanley's who would like to talk to us about our family, please forward this e-mail to them.
My grandfather left Clarenville and went to Cape Breton where he married and had 13 children. From these 13 children are hundrends of descendents. We are now on the fourth generation. I am one of the youngest of the grandchildren at 39-- my brother is the youngest-- he is 26 years old. He works for the premier of Ontario.
Please, we would love to learn more about our past and eventually where we came from. Can you help us?
Please let us know.
Thanks for your time.

Lori and Jeremy Stanley
Kitchener, On
Comments by Tina Cooper on March 3, 2007

I was just sitting here a little homesick so I began searching the net for Random Island and I came across this site. It's nice to be able to have reminders of what it's like back there!! I'm hoping to reconnect with a few people...I know its a shot in the dark but if anyone can tell me how to get in touch with Deneen Mifflin, Jason March, Ben Pitcher (been so long not sure if thats how you spell your last name ha!ha!), Elaine Laite, Phillip Soper....oh there's way to many for me to list...anyone who knows me email me or anyone who knows how I can reach any of these people please let me know :o) Thanks!!
Kingston ON
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