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Comments by Paul Stagg on November 17, 2005

Great to see old pictures of Clarenville. I am a frequent visitor to this sight.
Deep Bight
Comments by jimmy penney on November 12, 2005

hi i think u need more updated pics foe us that are home sick

Comments by Laurie Johnstone on November 8, 2005

My great grandfather was Pleman March and my great grandmother was Mary. My grandfather,their son, was Lawrence. I was over to Nfld last year to see family. It was GRAND. Anyone related is asked to contact me at . Thankyou and God Bless
Hamilton, Ontario
Comments by Neil Goldsworthy on October 30, 2005

Nothing can beet home!!!!!
Bonnyville A.B
Comments by Dave Hunter on October 27, 2005

Hi Everyone:
Now, this particular message isn't about Genealogy (unusual for me), but is definately about Newfoundland/Labrador history....
In addition to the Island Register (P.E.I.), I also run a page of PEI telephone history and a small museum.
Now, what I am looking for are any ex-NewTel employees who
might remember any of several British Strowger telephone
exchanges which were installed in Newfoundland in the early
1950's. Now, it is possible that a similar exchange was installed in Clarenville. One also was also installed here on P.E.I. in Summerside, the Island's first automatic exchange.
By 1988, parts were getting very hard to get for this exchange, and it was replaced by a Nortel DMS-100, and the old exchange was shipped off to Newfoundland to keep your older switches going for a little while longer..
Do any of you on this list remember these early automatic
exchanges? Anyone know any related history - where they went, etc.
Thanks for putting up with this slight digression...
Comments by STEPHEN LONG on October 27, 2005

great site and good work on showing everyone what a great town clarenville is.
Comments by Paula on October 22, 2005

Hi everyone -- I found out very recently that my grandfather was from Clarenville Newfoundland. His name was Nathaniel Mills and he would have been born there around 1905 (he passed away about 15 years ago). He was in the Navy and was a carpenter. He had 2 children, Neil (my father) and Natalie and they used to go back to Clarenville every summer as children. He also had a neice named Cassie (her last name might have been Earl or something that sounds similar). I would love to find some family members or anyone that knew the Mills family, as my grandparents have all passed away and I don't have much family history. Please email me or post if you have any information. I would also love to visit someday as it looks beautiful.
Thank you!
Cambridge, MA USA
Comments by Denise Miles on October 20, 2005

I just wanted to let everyone know I am also Sara Balsom's great granddaughter. Alfred John Balsom was my grandfather. I keep checking this site to see if anyone putting on anything new. Keep up the great site Kevin its great!!
Cambridge Ontario
Comments by Shaun Butler on October 20, 2005

Great site Kevin. I was working in Newfoundlander in '73-'74 and loved the island, people, and Clarenville in particular. I was pen-friending a Billie Balsom from Clarenville, who married Don... I have since lost their name and address- possibly somewhere in Ontario? Would love to get in touch again, if someone can help.
Wales UK
Comments by Jennifer Robertson(nee Horner) on October 18, 2005

I am Sara Balsom's great-grandaughter. Wallace Balsom was my grandfather. My mother is Alison Horner.
Fantastic site!. It's nice to have a bit of 'home' available on the web to look at anytime!
10 Sheridan Court, Kitchener
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