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Comments by Tony Strong on August 6, 2013

I was born and raised in Clarenville.. My Military career took me across Canada and to other Countries..I always said that Clarenville was a " good" Place to have grown up..While I don't get back there as often as I should, I am amazed at the prosperity that is there...It was known as " The Hub of the East Coast" and it probably still is by the look of it...
St John's
Comments by Frank Korvemaker on June 11, 2013

Hi Kevin:
I am research bricks across Canada - how can I get in contact with you and other people on the Island about brickmaking in Newfoundland?
59 Compton Road, Regina, SK
Comments by Charles on March 12, 2013

Cool website. I can feel the pride you have in your hometown.
One of your townsmen just moved West from Clarenville and speaks very highly of it.
Fairview, AB
Comments by Al Dixon on December 24, 2012

Great site you have here. Family lived in Clarenville in 1965, close to the train station. Have wonderful memoeires of that time!
Victoria, BC
Comments by ted finlayson on October 26, 2012

hi names ted finlayson visted your town in late 1970s looking to contact sharon spurrell teacher?and a friend karen avery lived and visted toronto also late 70s would be great to talk and catch up im on face book or call 519-396-4842.thanking you in advance any info would be great.ted
po box#8 ripley on nog-2r0
Comments by Mark Power on August 13, 2012

Awesome site Kevin ! With the passing of our folks in the last 2 years, I will pass on any photos or relevant stuff that might help continue building this site.
St. John's
Comments by GERALDINE HOLLOWAY on August 7, 2012

very interesting,great job
Comments by pauline stanford nee hart on July 18, 2012

brings back a lot off memories
Comments by Melissa on May 23, 2012

Hi I am looking through your site for pictures of shoal harbour valley before shoal harbour drive was constructed . I wasn't able to find any and was wondering if you knew where I might find some? wonderful site!
Harbour Drive, Shoal Harbour
Comments by Bonnie Adams aleena on May 3, 2012

I really enjoyed your history of clarenville. I liked reading the old random guardians. Keep up the good work.
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