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The Random Guardian, June 1966, Page 1

The Random Guardian was a mimeographed monthly paper publishing local news, birthdays, social, personal and club news, a religious column and advertisements for Clarenville and area. The guardian was started by Jean Balsom cira 1963, then Geneva Cholock took it over and then the last know publishers were Austin and Audrey Hynes who ran it until about 1970 or 71. The Packet which was established 1969 became the official community newspaper and the Guardian folded soon after the packet began.

I would like to Thank Melissa Smith of Clarenville who found her grandmothers "Olive Vardy" copies of The Random Guardian and was willing to share this great find with me so that I could include them on this our website so that all could see. If you have copies of the The Random Guardian around your house please contact me if you would like them added to this website. Remember we have to keep our history alive!!

In this edition: Clarenville is getting ready to welcome all former Newfoundlanders and tourists duringsummer months of come home year. Freighter Runs aground on Foster's Rocks. The freighter was enroute to Clarenville with a cargo of asphalt for NFLD Hardwoods. Mr. Ross Elliott Microwave Technican with CNT is in Toronto on a special course in Colored Television. Austin Strong named best athlete of the year. School Tax is still a big issue in the community and so much more.