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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 9



After and hour in the cold Elaine began to hear cars when there were no cars coming and saw railroad tracks where there were none. The amateur psychologist of the group determined that these were signs of maniac depression, and sensibly decided that we had to reach civilization. Besides, we each obviously needed a hand or foot amputate. . after searching for some signs of human life we found a road leading to St. George's and walked the 3 miles to the settlement. From there it was smooth sailing. A bus took us to Corner Brook where we spent the night. Next morning web sot out early and 7 rides later reached Clarenville at 8.30 Om.

The last day of our journey was chock full of interesting incidents which are too numerous to relate. Outside Deer Lake we wore picked up by two honeymooners who offered us a ride to Clarenville.

Elated, we stowed ourselves away in the back scat of the little blue Volkswagen along with their two overnight bags, the genuine Hungarian peasant bag, the Pan Am. bag, the corn whiskey jar, them broken handbag and 2 suitcases belonging to the newlyweds.

As we approached Grand Falls them back seats grew hotter and hotter and smoke began to tower out of every crack. The driver brought the car to a screeching halt and we were out, almost trampling the poor bewildered couple in ours haste.

Again we were strangled: Positioning ourselves, we awaited a rider. Suddenly a car came roaring to the rescue. We hopped in, yelled to the driver to depart, and bid our couple adieu with a promise to send a tow-truck fro the nearest service station. The Solent Friends (as we named this good fellow for obvious reasons) took us to Grand Falls and drove off still wondering how come when he stopped to lend a helping hand to a stranded motorist he ended up driving 3 girls to Grand Falls.

In Grand Falls we met with some difficulty again. The weather was cold and rainy and the drivers were unfriendly. But our friends didn't fail us, they came bumping along in