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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 7


by Heather Staley

People rarely realize the potential value of the Thumb, Last week three Mount Allison University students, Sharon (Pudge) Kiang, Elaine Mills and I , found this seemingly insignificant digit Gould be a great asset.

Indeed, we, found it took us from Sackville T.B. to Clarenville as efficiently as a train and much more economically.

On May 1st. a beautiful sunny day at 9.30 am. we left, the college and positioned ourselves at a strategic point on the Trans Canada Highway; (strategic being defined by Elaine as a little further downs the road than wherever we had previously chosen).

As our aim was to travel light, we carried oily the barest ess6ntials such as : a corn whiskey jar, two overnight bags, a Pan Am. Bag, a broken wooden handbag, ands a genuine, handwoven Hungarian peasant bag. Our bags contained again merely necessities: toothbrushes, a complete make-up kit, a set of wine glasses and two packs of cards.