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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 6


The Town Report

The Town Plan is still on display in the Town Office and it would be advisable for any person in doubt as to what his land can be used for, to take time out to view and study this plan. When the plan has been passed and has received Ministerial approval it is then too late for a person to complain as to restrictions imposed. Council would welcome criticism or suggestions regarding any aspect of this plan, as if all objections are made prior to the adoption of the plan it should be much easier then to make necessary corrections, or alterations.

General Elections

On November 9th. this year the general election of councillors will be held in Clarenville and throughout Newfoundland. Every four years these elections are held and in Clarenville seven councillors represents the slate. After these councillors have been elected they in turn hold an election of their own and they elect from these seven members a Mayor, and Deputy Mayor.


This year, for the first time in the history of Newfoundland, the voting age has been reduced from twenty-one to nineteen. 'This means that possibly hundreds additional voters will be added to the voters list. It also means that now a person nineteen years of ago is liable for the poll tax or service fee.

Logislation was recently passed by the Provincial Government reducing the age limit, but thus far we have not received a copy of this amendment to the Election Act. When we receive this amendment we hope to publish in detail information pertaining to this year's coming election so that all who are eligible to vote will be made aware of these details.

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