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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 39


ME 'N PEARL (cont'd)

about, but not today A lot of children don't care one bit about their parents, no more than if they was strangers or somethin (he don mean our Ed, he was talkin' about life in general). After all they does for them when they're young- uns, then when they gets old they don't give a hoot: I hope our boy don't turn out like that'. 'Never you fear,' I says, 'there's no danger of that. Our Eddie is a good lad, and it's too bad we never had any more because he'll soon be gettin' married and get a home of his own. He'll, take care of us now we're old, you can be sure of that.'

'Then,' he says, 'you know if our house catches fire all we have to do is call that number 7777 and a whole bunch of them will tear their shirts gettin' hero to protect our property in two or throe minutes; and if we wore dogs the society that protects animals.-would be rushin' to our rescue. But what about us humans? No one cares what happens to us. They should have a society for the protection of humans,

'Our doctor is "a fine man, gentle and he talks easy and he knows his stuff, but you can't always get him '. cause he's so busy." They sure need . more doctorin' done in this place.' 'Well,' I says to him, 'they got that man Brain frog: England sizin' up the matter, maybe things will get better; and I hope they does somethin' about the price of drugs, you know hoer I got to take pills for me nerves and they costs a fortune, perhaps that's what makes them ba d in the first place; worrying about the price and all'. 'Could be' says Sam, 'but you can take it from me they'll need more than one man's brains to do somethin' over here, and the prices are so bad if you start to sneeze you'll end up payin' out a $10. bill most likely, time you calls the doctor and then gets. the pills.`!

"Well," I says, "I think you should be thankful we got such a fine doctor. Aunt Liza says in her last letter that the one they had was a character. When she phoned him one time he was solve nasty and said things that put blisters on her ear drums. She said the next time she phoned him she was goin' to borrow that recordin' machine the boy next door has and make a record of it and send it to the authorities.,"