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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 38


me 'n pearl by Ramblin Rose

"Well," I says to Pearl, "what brings you over here so bright and early this morning? I was just putting the kettle on for breakfast."

"I was so worried I, couldn’t sleep last night," pearl says. "I saw your light on right late and I thought . you was sick or somethin' . I, got out of bed at 2 and it was still on, why didn't you call me if somethin' was wrong?"

"Sam got a real bad dose of that flu 'hug that's on the go, and T had me hands full with him, I can Zell you. I wanted to call the doctor 'cause he was burn in' n' up with the fever, but he wouldn't have it. So ` goes up to the attic and roots out the old bit of reel flannel that me mother give me and put that on his chest M T don't think there's any medicine gain' today that can boa L the old remedies - and then .I gets the hot must rd water for him to soak his feet in and he sure looked a pitiful sight. If lie hadn't 'a been so sick I'd a split, mo sides laughin' 'cause I must have put in too much mustard Car when he took his feet out they were some yellow. I couldn't get it off, so T makes him sleep with his socks on and then if I did have to call the doctor he wouldn't see them. Sure as anything' 1 says 'if the doc sees them feet he'll ship you off to the hospital thinking you got rho yellow jaundice or somethin'."

"That's too bad," says Pearl, "is there anything I can do to help?" "Thanks, no, " I says, "but if he gets any worse I'll send for you, he's asleep now, T gave him some Aspirins and I'll boil up some molasses with kerosene oil in it to help ease his chest."

"You know Pearl," I says, 'Sam was feelin' pretty blue last night. He was quiet for a. long time and then he says, 'You know, old girl, things are not a bit like they used to be, one time a body was respected and thought something