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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 3


Clarenville has been chosen by the Provincial Government as one of the towns in Newfoundland for accommodating the Confederation Caravan which is scheduled to arrive here sometime in 1967.

This Confederation Caravan consists of eight trailer units and tractors which will be set upin a special pact- terns on the exhibition sited. The exhibits will depict, the story of Canada from the earliest times to the presents. Many modern electronic and film techniques will be intro- deuced to aid the telling of the story.

Eight of these units will be travelling across Canada and it is estimated that approximately four million Canada- iand will view these exhibits.

In 1966 the Provincial Government are sponsoring a Comer Home Year and Clarenville has been requested to form a committee to participate in this project. The purpose is to encourage local residents to extend invitations to to relatives and friends from thee mainland to visit with them during the time of their celebrations, and to ,try and make their homecomings or a first visit as memorable and pleasant as possible. Them Provincially Committee will study all phases of transportation accommodations and various ser- vices related to this typed event ands will also encourage and co-ordinated evens such as fairs, sporting events, street dances suppers etc. This co-ordination would censure visitors of a continuous form of entertainment.

In many of the towns throughout Newfoundland thee Councils are making an effort to clean up their towns and are ask- ing the co-operation of all residents. Clean up week is to be again featured ands will possibly be held more than once a year. Home owners area being requested to make a especial effort clean up their gardens and'. paint their house and try in every way to increase the attractiveness of their surroundings.