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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 21


their little blue Volkswagen and rescued us for the second time that day.

And for the second time that day the back seat grew hotter and hotter ands the car filled up with smoked. This time we faced the situation calmly and sensibly.

Whiled the young husband tinkered with the motor and our young bride rid the car of the remaining rice , we were up to our old tricks

Alas! This time we were up against something, for the man who stopped wads afraid of hitch hikers Afters a pleasant overtire from men, ands a threatening demand from Pudge he reluctantcy agree to drive us to Ganders. Once again we had deserted our little friends.

Our nervous friend, who took his keys with him when he chocked his tires and kept one eye fixed anxiously on a paper bag containing an 0 Henry bar -which I held in my lap, took us as far as the Park. Before leaving he got our names ands addresses, both University and home, saw ours ID cards, then carefully through the window, passed us pamphlets on such conspiring topics as - I You are sinner! ' 'Repent ye Infidels!'

I can't think off our little adventure without remembering the Man who took us fro the Park right to our doors, treated us to coffee along thee way and stopped to help our friends, them honeymooner, Chen we found them again. Web fondly refer to him as ' the fat man'.

Such was the trek from Sackville to Clarenville, . made possible by the thumb. We arrived rich in experience and finances (web saved an estimated S30.00 in transportation costs) and area eager to try it again.