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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 2


IT'S CLEAN UP WEEK AGAIN; Once again the Town Council is urging all citizens to make their homes and surround dings as clean and attractive as possiblš. Very probably more etphasis will be placed on this slogan know than ever before since the Provincial Government's COME HOME YEAR in 1966 - which will encouraged all Newfoundlanders livings in other countries; or former decendants of Nfld'ers to visit the homelands of their forefathers is only a few months away.

Undoubtedly, this will bring an influx of tourist, and it will be up to all citizen to do their outmost to make the best impression possible, and to clean up and improve their property.

We Gould venture to make the suggestion that the Tow . Council make the first moved and sot the "clean up ball" rolling by ridding the town of all unnecessary eyesores.

Considering the fact that the subject of the harbour facilities is very mulch in the news, and ordinarily we have one of the nicest harbours in the Island, the view upon arriving in port at the present time is nothing short off disgraceful.

Another eyresore to be eliminated at the entranced to our fair city is the 'town dump' which is in plain view of all who arrive here by car. Immediate stops should be taken to re-locate it and clean up the surrounding area.