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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 12


LETTERS (Continued)

lasts evening we spent in town. It was my first holiday and one I'll always remember.
Larry Adey .

Dear Editors, For some time know I have hand it in my mind to write a letter to your magazine but I didn't think I could phut together What I would like to say -- but since I read Mr. Soper's letters and others concerting the OC . Church I thought I Gould try my hands.

I am not going to answer any of the precious letters as I have often asked ea similar question. What is wrong with Clarenville? -- period.

As for the Church. many people Have different answer ands I not . qualified to say which is Bright In one of our decent church services. I heard ours own Rev. Sir say that web belonged to a growing, modern church and I wonder if we haven’t become a little too modern. When I look over the church bulletin I receive each SUM- day morning it reminds me of my wile's grocery list - same thing each week -- just the number of hymn and title of sermon changed. I think that most people who do go to church do so from force of habit or sense of respectability. I haven't heard anyone in the congregation offer a prayer in Church since I was a small boy - in fact I have never heard the invitation given and I wonder just how many of the congregation could offer up a - prayer.

Now let's look at our youth Clarenville is alive with young people every day and night of the week except Sunday, and Every flew young people we find in a place of worship. I was talking to a 9 year old boy a few weeks ago and he told me he has never seen to Sunday Schools in his life -- hard to believe, but true.

I have travelled from one end of this island to the other and I have never seen a community so backwards in people belonging to the place, beings willing to shoulder responsibility ash headers of our different societies, but this is left mostly to peopled combing in from other coma- unities.

Clarenville is a prosperous town but far too many people spend theirs time and. money on nightly entertain meant ands leave the upkeep of the churches and societies to a few ands theses, cannot be operated succeeds- foully without money.

If we didn't have the ladies' sock- pieties in our churches ands it was left to the men I fear our churches would be in a sad alight.

I do not foresee much change in the future unless we give heed to a precious writer and show more interest, loyalty and dedication.

Dear Editor,
Your last magazine which included an article written by “Rambling Rose”