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The Random Guardian, May 1965, Page 11



Dear Editor,
I received the March edition of the GUARDIANS a few days ago ands i want to left your known how much I appreciate it. Also I would like to thank thee per-- son whoa was responsible for my getting it.

My wife ands I enjoy the many news items of people and places around Random, as well as its many features and articles of interest

We are both natives of Elliott' s Cove but have been residents of the U.S. for quite a spell; and of course are afflicted with the same old nostalgia that is commons to Newness them world over. Anything remotely connected with our island home makes us perk up and glisten.

So we are deeply grateful for this bit of happiness that comes ours way Beach month, and wish you the very best of success in your journalists ad- venture.

George and Gertie Smith,
Marshfield, Mass.

(Nice to hear from you folks - why not plan a visit back to the old sod in 1966, our COME HOME YEAR? Ed.)

Dear Editor,
My first visits away from home wads when I played with the Pee Weed hockey All-Stars at St. John's. It will be a holiday I'll always remembers; I stayed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Byrne, . 98 Merrymeeting Road and to me it was a second home. The Byrnes halve two daughters ands I guess it was a treat for them to halve Me there.

On Easter Sunday the girls, Brenda and Saundra gave me 1 dozen Easter eggs and their cousins, Bayne cross the street gave me an Eastern Legg as big as a soccer ball and a dollar bills. When I was leaving the Byrnes gave me a box of hackies s and a dollar. Wherever Bayne went he took. me along, hero are some of the places they took me to visit: Gower St. United Church on Easter Sunday, the Hospital, Brookfield Ice Cream, Ltd., C. of E. Girls' Orphanage to see my Canny Hollowly, , Confederation Buildings, Signal Hills, Torbay Airport, Fort Pepperrell, the Trade School, her Majesty's Penitentiary, Holidays Lanes and many Lore places. .

The Byrnes were-asked out to supper Easter Sunday ands took me along as one of the family.

I would alike to thank Mr. and Mrs. Byrne and girls also Wayne ands his mother ands nanny for the nice time they gave me while I was there. Also thanks to Mrs. Joan Andrews who took several of us boys cut to supper the