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The Chronicle Newspaper
Clarenville’s first newspaper surfaces after 50 years

An old community newspaper has turned into a new discovery for Peter Marsh and his family. Yellowed and thin, but perfectly intact, The Chronicle surfaced in his home earlier this year.

One of the issues dates back to May 11, 1961, while two others were published June 8, 1961.

Marsh said it came as a total surprise when they were found. He’s lived in the same house his whole life. His parents moved there in 1964. However, the house was first built in the mid 1940s.

He didn’t know the newspaper even existed, or that it was under his feet this whole time. While doing renovations to the kitchen, Marsh said, the contractors found the newspaper neatly stowed under the original floorboards.

David, Peter and Kayla Marsh take a look through
the 50-year-old newspaper The Chronicle.
Source: Paula Bugden @ the Packet
“They were in through the layers,” he explained. “It’s like it was meant to be a time capsule.”

Wanting to learn more about it, Marsh sifted through the pages and ended up showing his coworkers the interesting find before bringing it to the Packet.

Until now, The Chronicle was unknown to the Packet. It was widely thought that the Random Guardian, a newspaper from 1962-1965 created by Geneva Cholock, a former writer, photographer and hairstylist, was the first newspaper established in the Clarenville area.

It turns out The Chronicle took the lead.

But there’s still some mystery when it comes to this newly surfaced newspaper. Searching through the community notes, stories and even business ads, the editor’s name isn’t mentioned.

What is known is that the newspaper was published by The Green Publishing Company and printed by Robinson and Company.

Marsh said he enjoyed reading the ads and community notes most of all.

“It was all about people then,” he said, especially when it came to messages about weekend family trips. “It was the wording and the writing style.”

It was still social networking, Marsh suggested, just in a different way than today.

Source: Paula Bugden @ the Packet, Published on May 19, 2011

If you have copies of the The Chronicle around your house please contact me if you would like them added to this website. Remember we have to keep our history alive!!