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The generation of children described in a song that says ‘ WE HAVE FREEDOM, WE HAVE MONEY, IN THE LAND OF MILK AND HONEY, KIDS OF THE BABY BOOM’ have matured and many are grandparents. Now a desire to revisit bygone days, reunite with old school friends and teachers, seems to have become a ‘need’. Probably it is an awareness of our middle age, combined with the motivation to reconnect with the carefree times in our lives.

The special ‘Boomers’ of Horwood Regional High School in Clarenville, NL are working tirelessly to hold a ‘50th Birthday Party’ for their old school, combined with a reunion of all students, and teachers, who were at the school anytime during the years 1957-1966. This ‘Supersize Reunion’ is planned for July 21, 22, and 23, 2006. An invitation is being extended to all those who attended or taught at Horwood High during those years, to take this step back in time with your spouse or guest. Celebrate those school days with a reunion that promises to be one of the best yet! The drive is on to find anyone, not only graduates, but anyone, whose lives were touched by this school during those years.

For the students in Grade Nine and Ten in 1966, this is a bonus. Having been eligible for the last Horwood Regional High Reunion in 1992, they now have the opportunity to join the gang at Reunion 2006! A huge effort is underway to contact everyone possible. This seems to resurface the old school spirit. Stories of those school days will be told over and over, along with stories of the participants’ present lives. Friends who have not seen each other for years will feel the time between then and now slip away.

A Planning Committee of former students for this ‘SMASH HIT REUNION’ chose the dates as mentioned enabling people to make their plans well in advance, to develop ‘Early Bird’ draws with tremendous prizes of *Two nights at a Clarenville area hotel, such as ‘St.Judes’, ‘The Restland Motel’ or ‘The Clarenville Inn’, *A prize package worth $250.00, or *A full refund of your Registration. Details of all these things are on the Registration Form they have designed. By Reunion 2006 starting time, more prizes and plans will have been added to the already marvelous itinerary.

A most impressive idea is the special draw to be done as the Reunion begins on Friday, July 21, 2006. This first-rate prize will really kick start the weekend. At least to me it sounds terribly appealing. Due to their generosity, a keen interest in this project, and being alumni of Horwood Regional High School, Gene and Lorraine Ploughman of ‘Thorburn Aviation’ are donating a half hour flying sightseeing tour for three over the Clarenville/Shoal Harbour area. The winner of this draw will be the guest who has traveled the greatest distance to attend Reunion 2006. It is a remarkable opportunity for three people to have an aerial view of just how much the area has grown.

Committees have been burning the midnight oil, and plans are falling into place. Everybody is encouraged to PLEASE raise awareness of this occasion. After all those years, many former students and teachers are living in places they never dreamed they would be. Their fellow alumni want to find them, so they can be sent their invitation. By getting started now, a year and four months before the party, everyone has time to make their plans to attend. (I think they are starting early so they have time to lose weight and color their hair! Just my opinion of course!)

Up to now they have identified 700 students and have addresses for only 75% of them. So true to Newfoundland tradition, they’ll forge onward ‘til the work is done! The committees need help in publicizing their ‘REUNION’! Students from Port Blandford, Smith Sound, Random Island, South West Arm and Come by Chance attended Horwood High, a school that was bustling from 1957 to 1976, when it was replaced by the new Clarenville Regional High School.

About the Author
Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe is a Newfoundland trained nurse who had a childhood dream of becoming a Registered Nurse, and steered towards that goal all during her formative years. A carefree Newfoundland childhood, the oldest of 5 siblings, and three sisters who are nurses as well.

Bonnie lives an outdoor life with four-wheel bog bikes, trout fishing, ski dooing in winter and boating in summer. She is passionate about Newfoundland, writing and photography.

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In a hospital room in Twillingate, Newfoundland, at the age of five years I began a dream of becoming a Nurse. I fulfilled that dream in 1969 when I became a Registered Nurse, graduating from the Grace General Hospital in St. John's, Newfoundland. The journey of my career in nursing was filled with challenges, and sometimes the lamp was heavy. But being a Nurse was gratifying and I would never change it. Retiring and returning to Newfoundland began a whole new chapter in my life. This book is the story of my journey up 'til now. 376 pages.


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