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Their was no yearbook in 1983  due to the fact it was the first  year Grade 12 was offered

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Class of 81

Planning Reunion?

2008 Cruise Reunion

Elementary Photo's

School Photo 1970
Grade K & 1 1967
Grade 1 1970/71
Grade 1 1971/72

Staff 1969/70
Staff 1970/71

Shoal Hr.
Grade 1 1969/70

Horwood High

Robert James Horwood
Class of 1969
Glee Club 58-59
Staff 1964


Horwood High & Clarenville High


Reunions currently in the works:

Having a Reunion?

Are you having or thinking of have a reunion with your old classmates from either Horwood High or Clarenville High School?

Why not send me an email so that I can help you advertise your reunion. I will list all the information about your reunion.

if you do not have a reunion planned but would like to see if others in your class would be interested in getting one on the go? Let me know and I will also post your class year, your name and email address so other classmates can contact you to get started on planning one.


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