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Their was no yearbook in 1983  due to the fact it was the first  year Grade 12 was offered

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Class of 81

Planning Reunion?

2008 Cruise Reunion

Elementary Photo's

School Photo 1970
Grade K & 1 1967
Grade 1 1970/71
Grade 1 1971/72

Staff 1969/70
Staff 1970/71

Shoal Hr.
Grade 1 1969/70

Horwood High

Robert James Horwood
Class of 1969
Glee Club 58-59
Staff 1964

Horwood High Caribbean Cruise Reunion
 April 2008


List of those signed up for the cruise so far
Updated Feb 13, 2008

Austin Greening
Janet Martin
Cynthia Bourne
Kimberley Doughty
Marilyn Thorne
Terence Cholock
Rosalind Cholock
Glenda Cull
Freeman Cull
Sunni Duff
Janice Shyne
Vivian Fullbrook
Blain Fullbrook
Juanita Haines
Mildred Coish
Richard Leblanc
Donna Leblanc
Drew Leblanc
Quinn Leblanc
Lauren Leblanc
Elwin Polowick
Dawn Polowick
Lloyd Powell
Audrey Powell
Boyce Randell
Alma Randell
Robert Reid
Glenda Reid
Cassandra Reid
Rosanna M acLeod
Frank Rowe
Deena Rowe
Bruce Strong
Pauline Strong
Sterling Wiseman
Marguerite Wiseman
William Slade
Melita Slade
Robert Strong
Janet Strong
Albert Blackmore
Linda Blackmore
Maxine Currie
Lloyd Currie
David Greening
Dianne Greening
Gerald Strong
Barbara Wells
Wilson Wiseman
Barbara Wiseman
Caroline Young
Shirley Hall
Judy Blackmore
Ronald Blackmore
Raymond Blundell
Eileen Blundell
Edith Blundell
Wayne Blundell
Theodore Blundell
Mary Blundell
Andrea Carr
Fred Brome
Linda Collins
Francis Collins
Myrtle Reid
Angela Croft
Debra Croft
Robert Harnum
Joan Harnum
Andy Ivany
Delphine Ivany
Ernest Legge
Diane Legge
Randell Marsh
Dorothy Marsh
Herbert Martin
Johanna Martin
Elaine Price
Nancy Riche
Jenny Rodway
Robin Rodway
Jorg Romchild
Joyce Leewe
Beverley Strong
David Strong
Evelyn Trask
Connie White
Donald Rees
Jennifer Jaqurith
Kenneth Green



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