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Class of 81

Elementary Photo's

School Photo 1970
Grade K & 1 1967
Grade 1 1970/71
Grade 1 1971/72

Staff 1969/70
Staff 1970/71

Shoal Hr.
Grade 1 1969/70

Horwood High

Robert James Horwood
Class of 1969
Glee Club 58-59
Staff 1964

History of Horwood Regional
High School

~Under Development~

1957 photo of the Horwood High School

Photograph: Courtesy Geneva Cholock


This crest was designed in 1965 by Mr. Tom Moore, for the School. The lamp represents learning and the sports equipment, keeping fit. The "Mens sana in corpore sand" when translated from Latin means "A sound mind in a sound body."

 Source: David Harris & 1969 Flashback yearbook


"The Horwood High Song"
by Mr. Edward Smith, a former teacher at Horwood High.
Upon a hill beside the sea
She sits enthroned so fair,
And all our hopes and all our dreams
Are awaiting for her there.
We search for knowledge through her halls
in all we say and do,
And look to her to show the way
To make our dreams come true.
As down the corridors of years
Our restless feet tramp on,
The friends we knew and loved so well
Forever will be gone.
When other hearts and other years
Go echoing down the sky,
Our hearts will still belong to you --
  Our dear old Horwood High.

Source: David Harris, Class of 1969

1970's photo of the Horwood High School

Source: Unknown


This new section on the history of Horwood Regional High School is underdevelopment. If you can help me with some information and a photo or two please let me know.



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