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Clarenville Members Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit

The Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit was a very important part of the overall war effort, and it is felt by many that the men of the Unit did not receive the recognition they deserved. The demand for local lumber in Britain was extreme due to restrictions to off-shore supplies as a result of the conflict, and many of the local able bodied men were away in the armed forces. Unfortunately, there appears to be very little information available today regarding their story. Many of the original records were apparently destroyed by fire in Glovertown, B.B., a number of years ago.

Past President Larry Gladney and Vice President Bob Hamlyn laying a wreathe in memory of the men of the N.O.F.U that never returned, and are buried in Great Britain.

Clarenville Members

Name Number
Adey  William J. 1832
Baggs  Herbert C. 2287
Baker  Ellis 1887 Home Guard
Baker  William H. 2288
Blackmore  Raymond H. 2296 Armed Forces
Bursey  Donald W. 2295
Dick  Frank 1885
Gladney Lawrence 1901 Home Guard
Gladney Michael J. 1900 Died Overseas
Hynes Harry 1848
Jarvis Charles 1905
Langer Edward 1906
Langer Jack 1907
Benjiman Rowe
Seaward Augustus 1922
Seaward Clarence H. 2346
Seaward Edward 1923 Home Guard
Seaward Harvey 1875
Seaward Maxwell 1874
Stanley Stanslow 1921
Tilley Aaron 1927 Home Guard
Tilley Basil 1924
Tilley Lawrence 2351 Home Guard
Tilley Raymond 2352 Home Guard
Vardy Wilson M. 2761

Shoal Harbour Members

Name Number
Barnes Carl C. 2290 Home Guard
Barnes  Clayton 1829
Butler  Brian B. 1828
Butler  Leon C. 1827
Butler  Eric R. 2293
Ivany Weldon 1904 Home Guard
Leonard Ronald E. 2321
Mills George R. 1911
Mills Hedley 1910
Nicholl George P. 2331
Nicholl William J. 2332 Home Guard
Palmer Llewellyn 1915
Pittman Edward K. 1919
Taverner Eric G. 2350

From: Newfoundland Overseas Forestry Unit Information. provided by Cliff Pike.