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Milton is an unincorporated community located on Smith Sound, Trinity Bay, five kilometers from Clarenville. It was formerly named was King's Cove, but renamed Milton in 1910 and had a total population of 55 at that time. The population had almost doubled to about 100 people by 1945 and reached a peak of 258 in the 1960s.

William Cormack, while walking the unmapped interior of Newfoundland, wrote in his journal that Milton was "entirely covered in trees". This statement generated interest and the area began to attract permanent settlements. In 1910, a branch of the Bonavista Railway was built through Milton. As the railway cut deeper into the interior, many people began farming on a small scale. 

The Brickyard in Milton played a major roll in it history. For a complete History of Brick Making in the area including Milton please click here.

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