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George's Brook


George's Brook, the second largest community served by our school, is about 7 kilometers from Clarenville It was the first community settled within Smith Sound when John Pelley settled there in 1862 and started a saw mill. The population of George's Brook grew to about 25 by 1884 as more people were attracted to the forestry. In 1888, Charles Pelley established a brick yard managed by a Mr. Pittman and the community took off. Today, George's Brook consists of about 500 people, 230 of which are under the age of 19. The main business in George's Brook is the lumber industry. There are two main natural landmarks: the town's fast flowing brook which runs throughout the community and into the salt water, and "Greep's Nest Hill" which is visible when you first enter George's Brook. This hill is said to have once been the habitat of a rare bird called the Greep. Many of the people living here today are ancestors of the earliest settlers; consequently, the preservation of the past is important to the community.

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